Experience China, learn Chinese, take in the culture of two fashionable and unique cities. 


Chengdu, as the burgeoning capital and economic hub of the stunning Sichuan province – the ‘Land of Abundance’, is ranked the best performing major city in China as a recent survey suggests. Voted the happiest place to live in the country. Ease yourself into an excellent quality of life and a relaxing lifestyle. Delve into a place recognised as a UNESCO city of gastronomy, tingle your taste buds with the world renowned sweet and spicy scented Sichuan cuisine. Visit the home of the giant panda. Socialise in the city’s thriving nightlife. Hike up to the historic Qingcheng Mountain, the birthplace of Taoism. Marvel at the ancient engineering in Dujiangyan. Do this and much more. Experience Sichuan! 


Xian, the capital of Shaanxi Province, the former capital of Ancient China, a place of rich and enormous heritage, a cradle of Chinese civilisation – for travellers and lovers of Chinese history alike. This city has matured and grown into a booming modern city with a melting pot of cultures but has never forgotten its roots and history. Known as the ‘City of Everlasting Peace’, come to the starting place of the famous ‘Silk Road’. See one of the great archaeological finds – the Terracotta Warriors. Take a stroll by Xian’s Ming-era city walls. Eat till your heart’s content with Xian’s very own unique cuisine. Do this and much more. Experience Xian! 


Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. Well, the best place to do it is in China. Now is your chance. We are offering a short but immersive experience where you can gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and experience it for real. You can apply for our Two-Cities China Study Tour for a two weeks you will never forget. Get face-to-face Chinese lessons. Have Chinese culture classes. Witness traditional and modern China in distinctly different ways in Chengdu and Xian. You will be staying on campus in a university in each city. Once you arrive at the airport, we will pick you up and take you to your accommodation. Your timetable will already have been prepared and you will know all about what you will be doing beforehand. You won’t need the added stress of organizing everything yourself. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Breathe in the sights and smells of China!  

Some of the things you can expect to be up to during your time in China: 
• Tai-Chi classes – Experience the meditative style of one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese Martial arts
• Tea Art – Taste a variety of different teas in the country considered one of the originators of tea
• Calligraphy classes – Practice the delicate and beautiful art of one of Chinese Culture’s treasures
• Paper cutting classes  – Learn how to do one of the oldest Handicrafts in China
• Panda Base – You will never get a better chance to see beautiful pandas, than in the city they call home
• Dujiangyan – Marvel at the amazing engineering of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System
• Terracotta Warriors – Be in awe at one of the greatest archaeological finds in the world

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Please email to find out about the price of the tour and to get the full timetable. Let us know if you’re interested. 


There are 15 places on the tour. Contact us to find out the start date.

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  • “Chengdu is ranked the best performing major city in China”

    “Chengdu is ranked the best performing major city in China”

  • “Xian has grown and matured into a booming modern city but has never forgotten its roots and history”

    “Xian has grown and matured into a booming modern city but has never forgotten its roots and history”