Instant Mandarin began and remains an ambitious project to meet the demands of those who want to learn the increasingly popular and useful Chinese Language. Our team combines a native Chinese and western perspective, trying to make positive changes around the world through making Mandarin easier to learn and more accessible than ever before. Our mission being to make the world a more interesting, diverse and more inclusive place and we do this through sharing the language we love and are fascinated by. Our journey thus far has not been easy and has had its challenges but has been imbued with passion and commitment. Having been in development for a couple of years and only recently launching, we are absolutely delighted that even at this early stage we have been recognised and featured in articles from prominent news outlets.

To see a number of high profile Scottish Highland tourism and retail companies sign up for our online learning program, we couldn’t be more thrilled of the outcome and to be providing our Chinese Language teaching services. Amongst the big names joining us are Inverness-based Loch Ness by Jacobite, Brodie Castle in Forres, operated by the National Trust for Scotland, The Highland Club Luxury self-catering apartments in Fort Augustus, Dolphin Bay Suites, Cobbs Café and Bakery at Loch Ness, tour guide Rabbie’s Trail Burners and cashmere retailer Johnstons of Elgin. With the backing of local tourism agencies, we can’t wait to deliver on the promise of high-quality Mandarin lessons and play a part in business initiatives that promote greater cultural diversity boosting the Chinese visitor experience.

The positive reception and coverage has been extremely encouraging and has given us a wonderful platform to take Mandarin Chinese and reach other parts of the world. So this is a big thank you to everyone involved and the whole team at Instant Mandarin. We will continue to make big strides in making Mandarin easier to learn and easier to master.

Lastly, if you’re a business in need of Mandarin Chinese teaching services. We can help you. This is what we can provide:

1-to-1 lessons

1-to-Many group classes (through one screen)

1-to-6 small group classes (through 1-6 screens)

You know where we are! We welcome all.

Email hello@instantmandarin for more info.

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