Whilst the world is going through an unprecedented and frankly frightening health crisis, we want to wish everyone well and want to bring a little bit of good news to you, here at Instant Mandarin we’re providing our fun 1-to-1 online Mandarin Chinese courses, and you can learn from anywhere, including your own home. So today we want to let you know just why now is the right time to learn Mandarin.

Learn Mandarin from your own home

With technological advancements there are now plenty of Mandarin Chinese learning resources online, Instant Mandarin included. There are more options, more websites and apps, and more ways of learning Mandarin and this will only increase. These can replace but also supplement the traditional methods of classroom and textbook learning. And right now as the majority of the world is in lockdown and you’re holed up in your own homes, online learning has not only become ideal but the new normal. At Instant Mandarin we can connect you to a certified native Chinese tutor with live online lessons through our online video platform, similar to that of Skype. If you’re interested in 1-to-1 online Mandarin Chinese courses then you’ve come to the right place. Get a free trial lesson when you register today!

For pure fun

Boredom is by far not the worst issue of the pandemic but it still is one, and to combat it and take your mind off what’s happening around the globe, you can learn Mandarin. Learning the Chinese language is just pure fun, a good laugh and can be extremely meaningful. To get to the stage where you can actually speak or write in Mandarin is such an exhilarating feeling for many, a soaring achievement. Whether it’s for you or your child we can cater our lessons and courses to your learning requirements.

Mandarin will keep your mind sharp and healthy

It’s easy to feel down or let your head drop in these current times and it’s more difficult to keep your mind sharp when restricted to staying at home, but here’s how learning Mandarin can help. Scientific research and evidence proves that learning Mandarin uses more brainpower. Learning any language is a good thing and incredibly healthy but all that brain juice going into learning Mandarin will actually increase your mental capacity and improve your cognitive abilities. Why? Because Mandarin famously has different tones that give entirely different and sometimes incongruent meanings to words which might sound the same. Mandarin is also one such language system that has no correlation between its written script and phonetics, so language learners have to memorize and match specific sounds (or the pinyin syllables) to Chinese characters. And practicing these Chinese characters exercise your motor skills too. Learning Mandarin is another form of brain training. Read more about this here:

*Pinyin: the Romanization of Chinese using the alphabet

It’s easier than you think

There’s a common consensus that learning Mandarin is an incredibly difficult feat and therefore it’s a frequent fixture in world’s hardest languages to learn but let me give you a little more of an insight, and it’s another piece of good news too, it’s not as hard as you think. Practice makes perfect is a common axiom that is entirely true for Mandarin and actually more so. Yes, I hear that there are different tones and Chinese characters are complex but that’s really as hard as it gets. No tenses, plurals, cases and genders are used in Mandarin and simple grammatical structures are in plain sight. Give learning Mandarin a go and you’ll see how easy it is and what you can accomplish at the same time. Consult one of our professional tutors if you need to. Anyone can learn Mandarin, it boils down to two things, time and most importantly, effort.

Get ahead and plan for the future

Self-isolating at home all this time might drive you crazy but in these circumstances you should try and turn it into a positive and be in a better place for when the world recovers. Don’t waste your time, learn a new skill, learn a new language, learn Mandarin. Usually when we get asked why people should learn Mandarin, the general points we usually express are, for travel to one of the world’s biggest economies and to experience Chinese culture , for business, to get an international job and make your CV look better, to make friends with over billion people in China, these points might not seem relevant now but this pandemic will not last forever, so whilst we should all take care and focus on the now, we should also get ahead and plan for the future. How Mandarin will help you in the future is a question you should be asking if you’re serious about learning the language. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we should try to be stronger and better when we get out of it.

Remember to stay inside and wash your hands frequently.

Keep safe!

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